Top 4 Interests Of Alex Figliolia, Jr.

Alex Figliolia, Jr. is a businessman and philanthropist with many years of experience as a plumbing contractor in New York City. As a contractor, he knows the ins and outs of bidding for jobs and standing out above the competition. In addition to plumbing, he has also worked in motorcycle sales as the manager of a Staten Island motorcycle shop. He is also a writer with a personal blog devoted to his passions, which include riding motorcycles, boating, advising entrepreneurs, and helping wounded warriors.

A long-time motorcycle enthusiast, Figliolia turned his passion into a job when he became the manager of Gotham Motorcycles, which specializes in Slingshot, Victory, and Indian motorcycles, including new, used, and vintage models. The Indian motorcycle company was one of the top two manufacturers in the 1930s but closed down in the 1950s. However, the company has recently gotten back into business, and Figliolia is proud that his shop is the only carrier of Indian motorcycles in the New York City area.

Figliolia also writes about boating on his blog, citing it as his favorite way to relax, either alone or with his family. He enjoys sailing, yachting, kayaking, and motor boating, and he enjoys fishing as much as touring. He recommends checking out the boats for rental or charter at the New York harbor.

Figliolia has included several articles on his blog that offer advice to contractors and other entrepreneurs. He is interested in passing on the wisdom he has gained over the years. He advises contractors on several things they can do to distinguish themselves from the competition when bidding on jobs. He also addresses the importance of protecting your business’s online reputation through keeping up-to-date on negative reviews or other content. He advises responding to all reviews in order to show past and potential customers that you care about your reputation and will do what it takes to win their good opinion.

Finally, Figliolia shares information on his blog about the Wounded Warriors Project. This is a non-profit organization that helps injured veterans with whatever they need to improve their health outcomes or re-integrate into society through job training and placement.